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In the horizon 2015, which will also mark to end of the Millennium Development Goals and the beginning of a post-millennium development agenda, ONG PEHE envisions to remains non-political and well respected for its contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of the population of the Middle Cavalla region. We aim at having a sound financial basis, more members, with greater leadership role for women and youths. We want have more realistic action plans supported by a budget and implemented in a more participatory fashion. We also aim at increasing our visibility at communal, departmental, regional, national and international levels. And become a driving force for development through clear, simple and relevant program that will add to the efforts of other governmental and non-governmental actors in the Region of Toulépleu.

In order to achieve our goals, we will soon open a multi-function capacity development center for youth and women farmers. The Center will progressively be equipped with latest information and communication technology, accommodation facilities and vocational training and income generation activities.  We will also make the Péhé Native Festival into a national event and internationally acclaimed socio-economic and cultural week for cultural dialogue and for the promotion of local language, cuisine, dance, music as well as other ancient objects and positive cultural values of the Krhan civilization.

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