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Thanks to the creativity of its members spread across the Ivorian Diaspora, ONG PEHE is perhaps the unique Ivoirian community based organization with a consistent and up-to-date presence on the Internet backed by the most advanced technology on the market for not for profit organizations including in the social media such as Facebook, Twitter and a cultural on-line television through Youtube.  On the ground, some of the achievements include

1. - Institution of the best female farmers grouping award in a bit to promote women entrepreneurship and self reliance  

2. - Institution the best Student Award encourage hard work and to combat school drop out especially among girls  

3. - Renovation of the residence of the Sub-Prefect following looting during an attack by armed elements. 

4. - Financial and technical support to the setting up of Anaanty, the largest network of commercial farmers association in the department. 

5. - Distribution of food and non-food items to local populations affected recurrent attacks by armed elements. 

6. - Awareness raising and sensitization program on peace and human rights including violence free elections through audio-visual materials and community dialogues using French, Guéré,  Dioula,  More,  Baoulé  et  en  Bété  as medium

7. - Building of a warehouse for the stocking and sale of commercial goods produced by local female farmers 

8. - Building of a canteen for Péhé 1 Primary School 

9 - Donation of a high powered crushing machine to the main association of female farmers

10. - Organisation of Péhé Native Festival on the occasion of the Cote d’Ivoire independence celebrations in 2006,  2007,  2008,  2009  et  2010 

11. - Participation in the  2009 Farmers National Dayat the Golf Hotel, Abidjan

12. - Technical and financial support to farmers’ organisations

13. - Renovation and electrification of the Pehe Health Center and Maternity

14. - Organisation of Cleaning and Environment Day on an annual basis

15. - Sensitisation on HIV and AIDS

16. - Organisation of conferences and seminars on development challenges and opportunities in the Middle Cavalla region

17. - Reconstruction of ONG PEHE’s headquarters following its total destruction during post-electoral crisis

Training for youth in income generating activities and small scale business

18. - Representation of Ivorian Civil Society on the Joint Cote d’Ivoire-Liberia Border Security and Confidence Building Committee


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